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While cinnamon has a place in every contemporary kitchen cupboard in America, there was a time when this exotic spice was more valuable than silver.  Europe's expansion into East Asia centuries ago was largely driven by desire for cinnamon and other spices grown in the more tropical climates. 

Don't take for granted all the hard work it took those most dedicated explorers and traders to get cinnamon over to this hemisphere. The least you can do is shop our huge selection of cinnamon candy and savor some of this favorite spice properly. It really is a magnificent spice!

We have classic cinnamon candies like old fashioned candy sticks, cinnamon gum drops, cinnamon discs, and different varieties of cinnamon mints and gum. We also have interesting variations, like Sanded Cinnamon Balls for Christmas, Cinnamon Cube Lollipops, Jelly Belly jelly beans in cinnamon, and Cinnamon Jujus. We have cinnamon candy for every holiday and occasion so you can make it a spicy part of all your traditions.