Candy House Unwrapped Candy Buttons   - 12 / Box

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Candy Buttons Unwrapped - 12 / Box

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Unwrapped Candy Buttons are manufactured by New England Confectionary Company (NECCO) and are a truly whimsical treat also known as "Candy House Candy Buttons."

Best of all, each case consists of 12 bags of individually-wrapped candy buttons that you can cut and share or eat all at once!

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Candy Buttons Unwrapped Unwrapped Candy Buttons are manufactured by New England Confectionary Company (NECCO) and are a truly whimsical treat!

  • Price: $21.63
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Great Candy Idea
Review by Smejboy , 8/12/12

I was channel surfing the other night and on Bravo they had a show about designers who had to make dresses out of candy. One lady chose the candy buttons and sewed the strips together and and put string licorice between the rows.

best penny candy
Review by debbi , 8/1/12

When deciding how to spend my pennies, I usually opted for a candy bar and five penny candies…..they had a roll of candy dots on paper that the lady behind the counter would unroll and tear off….i think it was 10 rows of candy buttons for a penny back then…

penny candy serenade
Review by skipphy , 6/18/12

Its funny how the memories of childhood are so closely linked to sights, smells and taste. My fondest memories are linked to the daily routine of a grade school child, back in the days when we walked to school and back, for the most part, unattended by the watchful eyes of parents.
We would be sent off in the morning, with an allotment of coins (yes, coins) for lunch, and after school snacks, which most days, were penny candy. In the tiny town where I grew up, we were fortunate to have a wonderful store called Marx's from another time. (We called it Marxies) Magazines, bread and milk, some toys , and best of all, the hallowed 'penny candy' case,itself a piece of craft and art work from an even earlier time. Candy for one cent- yep! Mr Marx was the proprietor and I fondly recall his patient manner, holding the small brown paper bag as we carefully selected 5 to 10 cents worth of candy treats. If you were really lucky, your mom might send you to the store as an extra after school errand , to pick up milk or bread, and with it , a precious nickle to buy and entire candy bar! Those were the days. Sometimes, I dream of Marxies store- charming, individual, and a magical place wrapped in a time made all the sweeter with penny candy. Thanks a lot for bringing those same candies back. With them, comes a bit of my own childhood and recollections and times, places and people I loved so well.

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