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We all want to eat candy, right? Of course. But we all probably also want to eat candy that isn't filled with terrible ingredients that nobody can pronounce, right? Unfortunately, that can be a pretty challenging task. At least, it used to be. Lucky for you, Torie and Howard is here to help. 

With their beautiful packaging, delicious flavors, and all organic ingredients, Torie and Howard is one candy company you can count on. They're making candy that not only tastes great, but is full of natural flavors. A quick look at their ingredient lists and you'll find yourself actually being able to say every single item that you're consuming. Now how often can you say that about what you eat? 

So since you're here, give these candies a try! They're delicious and good for you, since each candy is only 12 calories. What have you got to lose? Just trust us on this one, with Torie and Howard, you won't be disappointed. 

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