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Toblerone has been satisfying sweet tooths, world wide, for over a century. The company was started by Jean Tobler in 1899. Jean had been selling candy for years before he decided to open his own candy company in Bern, Switzerland. In 1900, Jean gave the company to his son, Theodor, who created the internationally acclaimed Toblerone bar, eight years later.

The name Toblerone is a combination of the founder's name, Tobler, and the word "torrone," which means honey and almond nougat in Italian. As the name suggests, the original Toblerone bar is one winning combination of milk chocolate filled with nougat, almonds, and honey. It's a distinctive taste with an even more distinctive triangular shape, recognizable the world over.

We have the original Toblerone three ways: as individual bars, minis, or a holiday 6 pack. So you can choose the Toblerone that's right for you!

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