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Runk Candy Company, located in Cincinnati Ohio, may have an unusual name but don’t be fooled as they offer some of the coolest “old school” candies that have been sought after and enjoyed since candy time eternal or, at least, since 1924 when BB Bats and Kits Taffy first came upon the scene.

The Runk Family has been in the trade since 1858 and twenty or so years ago, they acquired Murray Brothers Old Time Store, one of Ohio's oldest candy stores.  hence they were no strangers to the allure and charm of the candy brands they represent. Runk Candy Company has helped continue sweet traditions by purchased the rights to BB Bats and Kits in 2011 and Marpo Marshmallow Cones in 1999

It is interesting to note that the entire labor intensive process of creating a Marpro Cone is still done “in house” including baking the cones! We did say the term, “old school” didn’t we?

Your search for BB Bats, Kits and Marpo Cones may be over but please make a point of tipping your hat to these good folks for ensuring that their brands continue to leave sweet impressions for this generation and, hopefully, generations following.

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