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Most people we come across around here have a pretty big sweet tooth. We get it. We do, too! And so many candies are great for satisfying that sweet urge. But what about when your sour tooth starts needing some attention? Well, sometimes that can be harder to fix. But, not any longer! Because our Impact Confections section is full of lip-puckeringly good sour treats! 

Our Impact Confections section is sure to make a big impact in the life of anyone who is constantly on the search for more sour candies! Whether you're craving Warheads Sour Dippers, Coolers, or Chewy Cubes, we've got you covered! There are so many sour options here, we have a feeling you won't be leaving empty-handed! So go ahead, let your sour tooth go wild. 

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Impact Confections has pioneered the spray candy!

Now kids can enjoy the lollipop and the spray form in Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike, and Paint Shop.
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