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In a sea of sweets, Hotlix stands out because they make what we think of as the most surprising items we carry: insect candy. We’ve seen salty and sweet come together, and chocolate and peanut butter, but bringing together insects and candy takes top prize for the wow factor (and yes, the insects are real).

Whether you crave a crunchy Larvet Worm in BBQ flavor or prefer something a bit more substantial, such as a Candy Covered Scorpion, we have it here, along with Crickets (in Bacon and Cheese and Salt and Vinegar, of course, because we all know how well those flavors go with crickets), Watermelon and Apple lollipops, both with worms inside, and chocolate-covered insect candy.

You might not be brave enough to try anything, but do take a peek at the Hotlix insect candy because it’s fun, and if you dare, you could have the most unusual party favors for your next event.

If insect candy doesn’t suit you, try the Hotlix variety of lollipops in fun and surprising flavors (and no insects), like Margarita, Horchata, Chili Pepper, and Cinnamon.

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