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So you want to have your cake and eat it to? We see nothing wrong with that! Satisfy that sweet tooth without a single worry when you dive into some Go Lightly sugarfree candy that has all of the best qualities of the best candy without the added calories. 

Sweetened with Splenda, Go Lightly sugarfree candy comes in a luscious variety that will make you feel pampered and indulgent even though you're making a smart choice.

Try Go Lightly sugarfree caramels with a light vanilla flavor if you want something soft and chewy. In that case, try the Assorted Toffees, too, and the Fudge Chews, for a rich candy treat that lasts and lasts. 

The Go Lightly sugarfree candy line also includes classic Starlite Mints, perfect for tossing into your pocket or purse for a sweet pick-me-up anytime. Did we mention that Go Lightly makes Chocolate Mints, too?

The only downside here is having to decide just how many bags of Go Lightly sugarfree candy to add to your shopping basket. 

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