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Glee Gum is a natural Gum, manufactured by Verve Inc., a company with a conscience (and that is as refreshing as their chewing gum). Using chicle harvested from trees for their gum instead of synthetics, Verve Inc. thereby supports impoverished communities in Guatemala, supporting their renewable industry.

Their first product and one of the most successful is the The Glee Gum Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit, which is fun for kids and adults and makes great birthday and holiday gifts. We carry their Make Your Own Gummi Candy Kit, too, and we love this one because kids learn that gummi candy is made from seaweed (which is, of course, included).

We sell Glee Gum in a variety of flavors so you can enjoy chewing a natural gum and know you are helping provide a sustainable source of income to communities who need it. Try Cinnamon, Peppermint, Triple Berry, and Tangerine and let us know which is your favorite by leaving a review.
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