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The only thing more fun than candy is candy with a built in toy -- or a toy with built-in candy. It provides an all-in-one outlet for all that extra energy! Flix Candy has perfected the art of merging candy and toys, creating a line of fun and unique novelties beyond compare.

Want moving parts, lights, and famous characters? They've got you covered. Flix is a favorite brand of collectors due to their awesome officially licensed products for fabled companies like Angry Birds and Disney. They also produce some of the coolest seasonal candies, including themed Sour Pacifier Pops (perfect for babies of all ages) and Twisted Lip Pop Lollipops, which are as fun to pose with as they are to eat.

Located outside Chicago, Flix Candy has been keeping the candy industry on its toes since the early 90's, producing some of the most unique novelty candies that we have seen in a long time.

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