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Ferrara Pan is not, despite what you might think, Peter Pan’s sister. Ferrara Pan is the candy company founded in 1908 and named after creator Salvatore Ferrara, and the “Pan” is a reference to how they make some of their candy: in pans.

We carry dozens of Ferrara Pan favorites, such as their famous Atomic Fireballs, and we have them in bulk so you can dish out as much heat as you care to. Ferrara Pan is also famous for Boston Baked Beans, which we carry in large and medium boxes.

Other selections include Lemonhead candy, slightly sweet, slightly sour delights that most everybody loves, and Red Hots, several varieties of gummi candy, toffee, and cinnamon candy. Once you get done browsing, you will understand why Ferrara Pan is one of our favorite candy manufacturers.

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