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Why do we love FB Washburn Candy Company?  Let us count the reasons...

First, as one of the oldest wholesale candy companies in the nation, we have a soft spot for longevity and tradition and FB Washburn Candy Company, established in 1856, YES 1856, surely fits the bill as they are one of the oldest candy manufacturers in the nation not to mention that they are THE oldest family owned business!  With over 156 years of experience, you can rest assured that their product is of the highest quality and always has been.

Second, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without many of the products that they manufacture such as Ribbon Candy and red, white and green striped hardtack candy.  We have been offering this brand for many years and it continues to delight generation after generation.

Last but not least, instead of resting on their well earned laurels, they continue to make great products such as Dad's Root Beer Barrels and Sour Lemon Balls .

Need we say more?



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