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Since 1880, Dryden & Palmer, a division of Richardson Brands, has been pleasing candy lovers with a delightful array of swizzle sticks and rock candy strings.

Since swizzle sticks were originally for stirring cocktails, why not surprise your guests at your next party with your creative ingenuity and add some Dryden & Palmer rock candy swizzle sticks to your Cosmopolitans and Gins and Tonics? You can also pop some into glasses of lemonade at your next child’s birthday party and make the other moms jealous with your sharp hostess skills. Rock candy strings make great party favors, as well, and our color selection gives you plenty of opportunity to be creative and festive.

Whether you are looking for bulk rock candy or multicolored swizzle sticks for any occasion, we have the best of the Dryden & Palmer products, fresh and ready to ship.

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