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There used to be a show where people ate gross stuff and eventually one of them won lots of money. It was gross, but also kind of addicting. I mean, who doesn't want to see other people consume live tarantulas or maggots? When it comes to what you actually want to put in your mouth, though, you'll probably find far fewer people willing to do daring and dangerous things like that. Yet, we still want to sound cool when we're eating, right? Luckily, Toxic Waste Candy gets us. 

With disgustingly appealing names, Toxic Waste Candy, made by Candy Dynamics, is the best of both worlds. You have a super gross name that sounds edgy, but candy that is way more delicious than live worms. This is the kind of candy that is perfect for those daredevils who are more bark than bite. They can feel like they're on that game show, without actually ingesting insects, or winning a cash prize. But, eating tasty candy is reward enough, don't you think? We do. So keep your nuclear waste out of your mouth and eat these candies instead. Deal? 

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