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Located outside of Pittsburgh, PA, Boyer Candy Company has been bringing joy to candy lovers for over 75 years although few know that their first product is NOT the candy that they are known for today.

Established in 1936, Boyer Candy Company originally made fudge and chocolate raisin and nut clusters and it wasn't for 9 years, in 1945, until they hit their stride when they produced the beloved chocolate and gooey marshmallow creation known as Mallo Cups!

Since then, they have ventured further producing a delicious butterscotch and peanut butter candy called Smoothies as well as a Dark Chocolate Mallo Cup but it is the classic milk chocolate Mallo Cup for which they are famous and as you probably guessed, they no longer make fudge or homemade chocolates.

We have carried this brand for over 50 years and Mallo Cups, in all shapes, sizes and varieties, sell as well today when they were first introduced!

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