Win $50 Worth of Free Candy

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 by Jessica Prokop

Why should you win a $50 Sweet Certificate from

Are you our biggest fan? A candy fanatic? Does someone you love deserve a treat? Maybe you can tell the funniest candy story ever.

Just comment on this post telling us why you should be the one to win. One lucky winner will receive a $50 Sweet Certificate absolutely FREE! We’ll announce the winner on Monday, February 27th.

178 Responses to “Win $50 Worth of Free Candy”

  1. Julie Garza says:

    I think I should get the candy because I wouldn’t even have to think for a nano second I would IMMEDIATELY trade it in for ice cubes. Without a doubt the best chocolate in the world! I used to be able to buy them randomly all over Rockford Il where I was born and raised but since I now live in the desert noboby is brave enough to have them because they will melt in a nano second here. I have been known to order them myself just because it is so difficult to go without them. the 50.00 would only help me out I’m certain I would order a truckload if I could.

  2. Ken Worrow says:

    I should win because I give the candy away to friends, customers and acquintences. I mail Jelly Beans, chocolates or some other sweet with a card and short note thanking them for just being good people or mentioning something they do that is appreciated by myself or others that they come incontact with. In the note I also ask them to make someone smile.

  3. Pam Dupree says:

    I think I should get the candy because I would send some to my nephews who are in college. They have always loved the Haribo gummy bears. And, I would send my mom chocolate, as she loves chocolate. You know, the kind….give me chocolate and no one gets hurt! That’s how much she loves it. My dad loves licorice and I would give him a few different varieties. My brother loves jawbreakers. When we were younger, he used to get the fire balls and loved them. I always thought there were too hot! And I would send something to my sister, not sure which one, but I know I can find something yummy on your site. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Have a wonderful week with all the candy you get to eat!

  4. Lilly says:

    Candy always brings us back to our childhood when we first experienced the forbidden love of sugar. I use to trick my father by telling him I wanted to go to Sunday school, but instead after he dropped me off I would take the dollar meant for the plate and went to the store and got 50 cents worth of penny candy, 2 boxes of 25 cent cherry clans and a Freezee. To bad it didn’t last, apparently adults like to talk, something my 10 year old self didn’t quite understand yet ha ha.

    I miss Penny Candy, I would love to win 50 dollars worth of candy, I would get the bulk bag of penny candy with enough left over for rootbeer barrels mmmMMMM

  5. Wendy Shugol says:

    I think I deserve the $50 so I could bathe in a bathtub full of delicious cut rock hard candy. I cannot find it anywhere around here in the DC area so when I found it on your site I ordered enough to last for a long time. I am already out so I am craving it. $50 for all the cut rock candy I could imagine? What a dream!

  6. Constance Stewart says:

    Because your old-fashioned candy reminds me of a sweet memory about my dad. Every Friday night he’d play a couple games of pool with the fellas. Then he’d come home with treats — either six candy bars (6 for $1, and this price is not a typo) or a couple pounds of bulk candy. Peanut clusters were his favorite, and sometimes he’d get them filled with vanilla cream. He’d also bring bridge mix for Mom. I’d usually pick out the malted milk balls. Brach’s are still the best.

  7. melanie cane says:

    Because I am trying to quit smoking and the only way I can do that is to chain suck lollipops and chain chew gum.

  8. I was born 1945, Iv’e been eating candy since 1946, with (3) siblings, my dad use to work for a major company on graveyard. After work he would, take a shower, buy alot of candy from the candy machine, wrap it in his work clothes and bring it home, as he walked threw the front door he would then throw the clothes in the middle of the floor, at which time all of us would dive on top of the clothes and scatter it all over the floor, and grab all the candy as fast as we all could, like a super fun ritual, I remember the KITS, Chuckles, B.B. Bats, Holliwood, Big time, And some that I don’t even remember, What Memories. If I won the $50 I would buy all these old and wonderful Candies AGAIN.

  9. Tim Grossnicklaus says:

    Each year around the Lenten church season our young girls can you believe this…make us give up candy until the Easter Bunny arrives. Well today is day 5 and I am really missing my after dinner, late night and whenever sweet treat. Fat Tuesday seems so long ago…if I had $50 in a future order of candy that I could look forward to I know would be able to make it til Easter or at least until I can place my order with Candy Favorites on February 27th!

  10. Karen Taylor says:

    I think everyone should win that way we all would order more candy. I order candy for my candy dish at work which is the topic of days gone by candy – it is so much fun – thank you for making it possible for a little person like me to be able to buy candy like a big company or grocery store. Thank you thank you thank you – ps so far Mary Janes WIN.

  11. Big Daddy says:

    Everyone (Managment staff and employees) in my office (aka Sugartown) has come to expect Big Daddy to keep his candy jar full for their MID AFTERNOON STRESS RELIEF…the king size bars stay in a special place for real emergencies. So each afternoon I have a steady steam of people coming in to my office to vent about their daily stress and grab a treat. I am not reimbursed for the candy I buy and I could really use the $50 to reload my stress buster arsenal with Hershey’s assortment, Peppermint Patties & Sugar Free. BD (Willow Grove Park Mall).



  13. Tom Schmitt says:

    I think I should win, because in 1970, at the age of six, I was diagnosed as a Type 1 insulin dependant diabetic. For 41 years, I watched other people enjoy Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day treats, while I was counting carbs, taking shots, and testingmy blood sugar four times a day. Last May,I received a pancreas transplant, so Iam no longer a diabetic. I can now enjoy all of the delicious treats, that I only got to look at, and on a few special occasions, sample a small taste. I don’t even know what I would order, because I have only used this site to order gifts for friends, but I would love a chance to find some things to enjoy myself!

  14. james douris says:

    I think I should win because i am buying candy to share with 20 office mates. I am a consultant and can not expense the candy so this is my money. You are getting some good publiciticy from the boxes by my desk when they ask where did this candy come from. besides the candy is good and fets me in better with the client. must have more money so i can buy nore candy. lol

  15. Kate says:

    As a current New Yorker but Pittsburgh native, I found Candy Favorites and order from the site whenever I can– my company loves the candy and I always see the ‘Pittsburgh hospitality’ shining through. I am in a wedding in July in Pittsburgh, and I’ll be ordering all of the shower candy through CandyFavorites–the bridesmaids love the look and the candy, and I can’t wait! I would love to put the gift certificate towards my friend’s special day.

  16. Carin Green says:

    I think my company should receive the $50 of candy. We provide free field trips to the 4th grade elementary classes who teach about Utah Lake. We have over 800 students come over a 3 day field trip period. We pay for their buses and help with the curriculum they teach. We have provided Swedish Fish for them to take home to remember their lake experience. This contest would help defray the costs we go through to help students become aware of their environment — so it would be used for students, not me!

  17. Pick me! I should win because I am event stylist specializing in the candy and dessert buffets! I love your products and would love to use your candy at my next table! I’ve used your candy before and I always get great feedback! It would be awesome to tell my friends and clients that Candy Favorites has given this candy to me for F-R-E-E!! Have a sweet day!

  18. Mariel Coste says:

    Before 2009 I used to order lots of candy from your company every 3 to 4 months. I work for a very diverse group consisting of people from all over the US as well as over 20 countries. I used to order lots of Pez and bubble gum to fill the every growing Pez collection at my desk and the cute old fashioned gum ball machine. I also ordered regional candies and old time treats. Those candies were wonderful conversation starters with both colleagues and clients. It’s amazing how people bond over candies, talking about their childhood, trick-or-treating, how other countries have similar candies or the same ones with different names, how lots of people don’t realize that their childhood favorites can still be found (almost every day I would mention your website to someone). The candies were a great way to keep everyone busy and put them in a good mood while waiting for meetings with our boss. Now the Pez dispensers are empty, the gum ball machine looks lonely and the great conversations are no more. We work longer hours, all hopeful that the economy will turn around soon. If I win the $50 I would buy gum, Pez and an assortment of classic candy to cheer people up and hopefully give them a taste of their childhood and of things to come when things get better and we can order candy like we used to. Thanks!

  19. I would love to win because I just recently purchases 54 pounds of candy for my weddings’ candy bar, and I still dont think I have enough! Gotta come back for round 2!!! :)

  20. Kelli says:

    My sister and I have been searching for YEARS for Black Cow candy. I finally found them on here, and had them sent to her. She was ECSTATIC to say the least! We used to visit the corner drugstore and get one every week.

    Also, my father LOVES brach’s malted milk balls – doesn’t like the competition. But one day, he couldn’t find them anymore. I found them on here and sent him a 5 lb box. He was so excited!!! Now I tell everyone about this website so that they can find their own favorites!!

  21. Carin Green says:

    We treat 800 4th graders to a field trip to Utah Lake covering three days. We are a nonprofit organization who wants to restore Utah Lake to a pristine condition. Part of that is educating the public, and have created a curriculum for Utah County Schools to use and participate in. If they use the curriculum, we treat them to a field day at the lake, an all day affair. As they leave we give them Swedish Fish to remember the event. We also have a free, public “Utah Lake Festival” on the first Saturday of June where 3,000-4,000 people come to see the lake, fish and visit the booths, again leaving with a piece of candy or Swedish fish. I would use the money to help defray the costs incurred for these great events.
    Carin Green

  22. Cindy says:

    My Dad has been a fan of Root Beer Barrels for 79 years. His favorite flavor has been taken off the market. Maybe if I win-I could share and take his mind off not having any favorite treats.

  23. Betty comment

    “Please pick me.” I was filling up my candy dish this morning I notice I was on my last 7 pound bag of BRACHS BUTTERSCOTCH DISC. I just LOVE ordering from your company. Representatives are very business like, friendly and very handful. Also delivery is excellent. Only company I would recommend for candy orders as you have a wonderful selection.

    Keep up the good work

  24. KARIN WRAPE says:

    was wondering if you had picked a winner for the 50 bucks of candy, i live in a small mountian town high in the colorado rockies, and the it’s THE COMMERCIALS!!! they tell you about all the new tasty things! here in fraser,Co. there aren’t too many places to get decent treats,as all we got are 2 stores here. they don’t stock the safeway very well up here and every new candy they advertise, you have to drive to denver to get, and that’s 80 miles away, i seldom leave my little mountian town,so goodies are few and far in between, one of the problems in living in a town of 910 residents, but if i were to win, i wouldn’t have to drive 80 miles to get the treats that seldom make it over the pass, please pick me , before i die of candy starvation,thanks karin wrape

  25. KARIN WRAPE says:

    the suspense is killing me!!! is it me, did i win? i live high in the rockies and we got 2 stores, and almost no candy, just what’s in safeway and alco, and they arent big on stocking new items, heck ,my friend got me chocolates for valentines day, and they were so old -we couldn’t eat them:(, what a way to screw up valentines day…please pick me so i can get some reasonaby fresh chocolate….karin wrape fraser,Co.

  26. Angela kellerhouse says:

    Please pick me. I would order as many burnt peanuts as I can for my husband. He is the hardest working most loyal person in the world! We have been married for 16 years and he is always surprising me w/ little gifts for whenever. I would like to win this so I can surprise him for once. So please pick me if u haven’t yet.

  27. Mary Ann Wentzel says:

    I would like to win the $50.00 certificate so I could use it to order candy for the Hope Lodge in NYC. The Hope Lodge is a home away from home for patients receiving cancer treatment and their caregivers in NYC. Hope Lodge is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Individually wrapped hard candies are a welcome treat for people receiving chemo therapy. Having lived there with my son for 4 months I know how much patients enjoyed the candy provided by others or the Hope Lodge.

  28. Cynthia Garcia says:

    I have love old fashioned gum and candy all my life and was pleased to find some of my favorites at appropriately named Candy Favorites. I have triplet and twin grand children and have been able to introduce them to my favorite gums. I would like to introduce them to more with a gift certificate. YUMMMM.

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