Win $50 Worth of Free Candy

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 by Jessica Prokop

Why should you win a $50 Sweet Certificate from

Are you our biggest fan? A candy fanatic? Does someone you love deserve a treat? Maybe you can tell the funniest candy story ever.

Just comment on this post telling us why you should be the one to win. One lucky winner will receive a $50 Sweet Certificate absolutely FREE! We’ll announce the winner on Monday, February 27th.

178 Responses to “Win $50 Worth of Free Candy”

  1. Donna Joyce says:

    I think I should be awarded the candy certificate because I always have sweet “wyrds” to say about CandyFavorites to everyone I know and since I also know they are the “Sweetest” candy company I have ever found and used, it just makes perfect sense!
    Thanks so much! Donna Joyce

  2. Ariel Reimels says:

    We are doing a “National Treasure” themed wedding and the candy is the “sweet treasure” at the end of the day for all of the people who have supported myself and my fiance throughout our 7 year relationship. I would love to be able to give my guests a taste of your amazing treasures! Thank you for offering sweet certificates such as this!!

  3. Traci says:

    I “chuckles” when I read the contest. I whole love to win and have. “pop rock” party. Please don’t “razzles” me about losing. And don’t be a “lemon head” and not choose me! I set my “skybar” high to win. Oh “snap” I need some candy.

  4. Carol Weber says:

    I love the wrapped marshmellow squares and the wrapped sundies (strawberry,vanilla, and chocolate squares)! Yum! Yum! I cannot find either of them in the stores, so I am so very grateful to be able to go online and order them from Candy Favorites!

    At one time you guys sold fruit flavored wrapped hard candy They were oval shaped and sooo delicious! I sure would love it if Brachs would make them again and Candy Favorites would sell them.

    I am raising 3 grandchildren and they also love these candies. Winning the $50 would help with some of the expense of raising them by using that $50 for one of my orders.

  5. Jennifer Hensley says:

    i wish i could win the candy because the single box of valentines candy i receved from my dad got accidentally sat in a sunny spot by my niece and it all melted down into an inedible puddle. I only got to enjoy one piece of chocolate.
    Jennifer Hensley

  6. Michael says:

    I should be awarded the $50.00 since I am an expert on all candies old and new. Whenever someone needs to find a candy that they grew up with they come and ask me to find it and of course I find it here.



  7. Melinda says:

    My husband loves red hots and when I found you have the original recipe he was delighted. Many orders later he looks forward to their arrival. They are replacing many typical or traditional gifts usually given to celebrate special times and as such he is a happy “red hot” man!.
    Thanks for the good service and keep those red hots stocked up…please.

  8. Mary Stonehill says:

    I have worked for the Peace Corps for many years. I always order one of your 5 pound bags of assorted mixes and give some to Volunteers when they are feeling sad and need the comfort of home. They get to pick out their favorites.
    They light up when I bring out a bowl of candies that reminde them of being a child and of home. It gives them the boost to continue their two years helping poor underdeveloped countries.
    I buyand give the candies because is gives me pleasure to help them when they need a boost. It would be nice if for once I had a “backer”. But I will continue this tradition, because it helps both them and me.

  9. Pam says:

    I was so disappointed when I couldn’t find my favorite butter toffee in any local stores and was very glad to learn I could get them anytime from Candy Favorites.
    Thank you for being a great source for all my favorites!!

  10. Brenda Lucas says:

    When I was growing up my sister and I would go down to the country store and buy penny sticks of vanilla Turkish Taffy. That’s the best taffy in the whole world. It seems when the store closed they quit making the candy. I recently ordered a case of the Turkish Taffy from you and it is still as good as it was 60 years ago. That tells you how long I’ve been waiting for this comeback. Some things are just worth waiting on.

  11. Cinnamon says:

    I think that I should win this candy contest because it would inspire me to continue my dream of opening a candy store. I’ve always loved the idea of creating something unique. Plus, I love this website. <3

  12. Dianna says:

    I love candy. Y’all always have hard to find and enjoy getting packages in the mail.

  13. charlotte allison says:

    I am diabetic and the sugarless cinnamon candy is most enjoyable

  14. Amy Milich says:

    One of my FAVORITE pastimes is CANDY thus when I have the urge I know where to go, “CANDY FAVORITES”. What makes it more the fun is my Dentist’s first name is Candy – if that isn’t an oxymoron of the Favorite degree. PICK ME !!!!

  15. Ben Egan says:

    The men, women, and children who come to the HOP Day Shelter, do without so many little things in their lives. We offer them breakfast, and lunch, and basics in care, but a real treat like the many delicious candies you offer would to them be a treasure. They all would enjoy such a blessing. Bringing Joy to people is what you do, Right? So, here\’s your chance. Thank you for your consideration.

  16. Leigh Nichols says:

    I should win because I have a teenage son in the house who eats everything yummy before I can get to it. This way, I’ll have some awesome candy to hide from him for myself!

  17. Vanda P. McCreary says:

    I would like to win because the 27\’th is my birthday. I will be 69 years young. I buy Blue mints from you for my sister who is 74 and Mary Janes for my other sister who is 71. We really enjoy them. Even if I don\’t win, I will still remain with you. Thanks

  18. JD Page says:

    Candy is the best thing created for making the sick smile. It is better than a cough drop for a dry scratchy throat. Makes children smile, even when they don’t really feel like it. I work in a health care field and try to keep a small bowl of candies on my desk where resident physicians and patients can help themselves. Many time it gives a little up lift and a sparkle in their eye when they are having a bad day. I know it helps ME!

  19. Anne says:

    I think I should win because I love candy, I love Candy Favorites, and I’ve been a good baby :p

  20. On April 6 we are doing a free community wide “Eggstravaganza” Easter Egg Hunt. This event is a special event that we do for our community every year for children ages 1-12 years old. As a community center we have to stretch dollars to be sure that all the kids get something for their Easter baskets. If I received the $50 I would be able to help make this event a little “sweeter” for the kids :)

  21. I gave up candy for lent and I never win anything when it is convenient! Once I won a four foot Barney after my kids were in college and i had no grand kids yet! I have won tickets to a concert and called back two minutes after the deadline. My daughter won a scholarship and was invited to a dinner with all the other winners. It was on the same day as my son’s wedding. If my luck holds out, i will win this candy and have to wait 5 more weeks to enjoy it!

  22. Alexi Rubenstein says:

    My daughter and I love your candy! We love candy because it is so delicious. Our favorite candy is cherry cordials because we love the filling and they are fancy. Our favorite chocolate is milk chocolate because it is the sweetest!

  23. Rayma Buckland says:

    YAY……Just in time! I’m doing a Candy Bar for my son’s wedding in July. I had ordered some yummy and unique candy from you for a Candy Bar I did for my oldest son’s wedding 3 years ago. It was such a hit – everyone loved, loved, loved it! Everything was shipped promptly and arrived in great condition. Thanks for carrying such a fabulous assortment of sweets, they made my table look beautiful. Can’t wait to do another one & would so appreciate $50 of free treats!

  24. KARIN WRAPE says:

    i recieved a gift of the filled raspberry candies in a pretty jar one christmas, and they were the BEST hard candy i had ever tasted !!! i asked my friend where she had got them and she said at a local store, i went to get some but the manager told me they had sold out and never were reordered- i looked and looked and never saw them again then, i a computer and googled red filled raspberry filled hard candy,and i found you folks and purchased 5 pounds of the candy and thought thatwould last a while, them at christmas, i remebered how much i had enjoyed getting the gift with the candy and so i filled pretty containers with them and before i even noticed, i had gifted ALMOST ALL OU IT !!! but still had a small bowl for myself,which didn’t last long! if i won, i’d like to gewt some candy fore ME this time, but i’m sure i’ll be sharing that too !!! thanks for the candy, karin wrape, fraser co.

  25. aida cruz says:

    Iwould like to win because iam a fanatic of sweet. I never thouth to find all that candys in one place. Specially all that delicius old fashion candy like rasberries,chick o chick, chiclets ,and mary janes .Thank you very much, you make my day. I keep ordering. THANK AGAIN.

  26. Karen Long says:

    I would like to win because I could then take the candy that so many older persons remember, but cannot find anymore, to the nursing home where my mother lives. She is almost 98 years old and has fond memories of her favorite candy because when she was child candy was one of the few treats she received at Christmas. She has always had a “sweet tooth”. I am thankful to have access to your website.

  27. Your website is the only site that I have been able to find some of my favorite old time candy. Keep up the good work.

  28. elisa parra says:

    I think I should win free candy because I am a 42 year old mom of 2 daughters, ages, 6 and 16 and I love candy more than they do, and believe me they would agree!!!! They hide their Halloween, Christmas and Easter candy from me!! the best part of winning candy from Candy Favorites is that you supply the candy that I enjoyed as a kid and can’t find anymore! My mouth is watering just thinking about it, if I win I guess I might share with my kids, hmmm or may I should HIDE it!!!

  29. Francis W. Carrignan says:

    I am 80+ years old and I have been working on my “Bucket List. You are on it. Please pick me. I do not have another 80 years left however, if your candy lives up to my expectations, I could become a regular customer – to “heck “with my Diabeties. Thanks for the consideration and please hurry, time is running out! Thanks!

  30. Carol Ruth says:

    I really think I should win so I can get “Angel Mints”. They helped me so much when I had knee replacement in Dec. In between pain meds. they seemed to take the edge off my pain. I can’t explain it but they are soothing and calming.

  31. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I probably am your BIGGEST fan! I’ve been enjoying candy for more than 50 years ;)
    If I win, four generations of my family will get to enjoy my prize–wouldn’t you want to be a part of that? Yes, it’s true: the legacy continues–we all have a sweet tooth!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Mark says:

    I should get the candy because when I eat it, my tummy goes ahhhhh…

  33. Scarlet Corine says:

    Because of the hard-times, I’m a very grumpy woman, and for the sake of the people around me…please, please fifty dollars worth would let bliss reign and people smile all around me as I share the bounty and forget troubles the sweetest way possible.

  34. Drenia B. says:

    Hello, I think I should win the $50.00 because I will be opening up a children personalize music/toy store and I would love to offer my customers a large variety of your candies.
    Thank you

  35. jason says:

    I have been a “candy fanatic” my entire life. Chocolates, hard candies, taffy, hard or soft, sweet or sour, I’ve always had a sweettooth. And my son, taking after Dad has got the “candy jones” too! I’ve had some medical issues the last couple of years, so candy was either, out, or hard to get to By the grace of God I’m much better, so my son and I get to spend our weekends together now. Before my illness I would surprise him with treats of candy, which he got a kick out of! Now that he’s older he always chides his Mom to get Dad a treat when she brings him by so we can continue to share that happiness. Tight as things are right now, the free candy sure would be a great way for me to thank my son for his kindness. He’ll be 12 this March!.

  36. Michelle Mimi says:

    I volunteer in the “Castle Store” in an intermediate grade school in our school district. The students are permitted to come into our store to purchase items such as school supplies and small gift items. We also have a stock of select snack items for them to choose from as well. Having free candy for the kids to receive would be nice gesture to the nearly 900 hard working students of our school district.

  37. Hello Candy Favorites,
    My story is heart warming. I first found your Angel Mints in the hospital when my husband was ill with blood clots on his lungs. I went to get me a drink at the cafeteria in the hospital when I seen the Angel Mints on the counter for 2cents a piece. I bought several because I believe in Angels and felt they would help my husband get well quickly.
    When I got back to his room he had a new room mate that had just settled in and his wife had a terrible nerveous cough. I gave her a couple mints and they help her right away.
    Over a year has gone by and my husband is blood clot free and those mints are still in our house. I have bought them several times thru Candy Favorites and they are the best ever. If you have a cough or indigestion. They are amazing and sent from Heaven above.
    I hope I win this contest because I need to order more mints soon.

    Denise Arlene Flechner From Linthicum, Maryland

  38. Jane says:

    We can’t all be winners, but we can all be happy finding our favorite candy at – which is the place where I go to find my favorite candy, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, in my favorite flavor, banana, at reasonable prices. If you ask me where is my favorite place to eat my favorite candy I’d have to say any place at all – but if you ask me where’s my favorite place to order my favorite candy I’d tell you there’s only one!

  39. fredia thomas says:

    If I were to win the $50 certificate I would buy a lot of chocolate and atomic fireballs. I would eat the atomic fireball and when it gets hot I can use the chocolate to cool my tongue down. I would also share it with my friends and family. After thinking about it maybe not.

  40. Dorothy DeCoste says:

    OH MY GOD!! I should win because I loooooove candy. The older candy you can get just brings back memories of my childhood. The memories are of warm and fun times we all had as children growing up. Its great to have these memories come back. It makes life much more easier to enjoy when I see the candy I can get from my childhood.

  41. Daniel Hough says:

    i love candy not just any candy but Necco throw Back candy

  42. Rachael McGuire says:

    I would like to win the gift certificate so I could share my memories of the retro candy with my children.

  43. John says:

    I miss brachs-malt balls.

  44. Laurie Bird says:

    I would love to win the $50. It would help my marriage as my husband is always giving me grief when the large dental bill comes in due to my “excessive wear of my teeth” due to those yummy Rainblo gumballs. It is worth it to sit in excruciating pain in the dentist office because I don’t think I can give them up. I am hooked! Even my friends kid me about having “gumballs ” in my purse when we go out. They are really good on the way home:)

  45. Justin says:

    Puns make my eyes bleed. I should win the certificate because I like candy. I like it a whole lot. I stand in the candy aisle in the supermarket and weep because I can’t buy it all. Then I usually end up with Junior Mints and SnoCaps.

  46. JaneAnn Clear says:

    I live where not much shoppin available so do alot online. I love coffee nips and couldn’t find them at good price anywhere untill I stumbles on Candy Fav and now will only shop them already got ideas for Mothers day coming up next. thankyou for being out there

  47. JaneAnn Clear says:

    I live where not much shoppin available so do alot online. I love coffee nips and couldn\’t find them at good price anywhere untill I stumbles on Candy Fav and now will only shop them already got ideas for Mothers day coming up next. thankyou for being out there

  48. Anne Beving says:

    When we were little, my big brother used to beat up on me all the time. His favorite candy was Hershey’s chocolate bars. One day when he wasn’t looking, I substituted Exlax for the real thing and gave it to him. Guess I got “sweet revenge”!!!

  49. Billy Cort says:

    I’ve had a tough winter but candy would make for a great spring!

  50. Randy Magin says:

    Ty for the contest

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