Win $50 Worth of Free Candy

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 by Jessica Prokop

Why should you win a $50 Sweet Certificate from

Are you our biggest fan? A candy fanatic? Does someone you love deserve a treat? Maybe you can tell the funniest candy story ever.

Just comment on this post telling us why you should be the one to win. One lucky winner will receive a $50 Sweet Certificate absolutely FREE! We’ll announce the winner on Monday, February 27th.

178 Responses to “Win $50 Worth of Free Candy”

  1. Gail McKee says:

    My husband says I need to be sweeter, so if I won I could buy 50.00 plus of candy and be a real sweetheart :) .

  2. Bill OGorman says:

    Why Should I “WIN” free Candy? Because, like you guys… I will give it away! Seriously, If you look at my website you will see that I restored cany machines and fill them with Candy Favorites Candy and my machines are all set to free play (well the Claw and Soda machines have money buckets next to them!) Cigarette Machine… has Chocolate, Candy and Bubble Gum! The Stoner candy has the Vintage wrappers that you offered!

    Filling vintage machines with vintage style “Candy Favorites” is the best way for me to share my candy love. Adult who come to visit…kids who bring friends….Sharing some fun history and candy…. That is what puts a smile on everyones face…and a memory that will last a lifetime!


  3. Can’t stop devouring the delicious malted milk balls that I order ten lbs. at a time. I have small containers of them strategically placed throughout the house.

  4. Debbie raub says:

    I drive a school bus and i give lots of treats for good behavior.i give stickers , pencils,and candy ! The children love the treats and will work very hard to get to pick a treat from the box! They especially love the candy treats and i try to buy enough so there is at least one piece for everybody. Candy is very expensive, and this would help me to buy some fun candy things to put in the box ! My students and i would be very grateful if we won !

  5. Nora Schrenkel says:

    I’ve loved Zagnut & Mallocups since I was little and I found them on your website. Plus where can I find American made candy but here. The individual wrapped peppermint candies are really hard to find but I found them on your website and when I go through the Drive thru at my bank the girls there always get a coupla of candies and tell me how fresh and great tasting they are.

  6. I should win the certificate because I’m a sugar addict and can’t afford my favorite candy, Brach’s Fiesta Malted Easter eggs! Truly! I love most anything sweet but chocolate is my favorite. I love regular malt balls but these are heavenly and if I die from sweetness I know I’ll go to candy heaven. Please, please, please pick me; I’ve never won anything! Thanks for allowing me to have a chance!

  7. I pray there is chocolate/sweets in heaven because I have to limit my intake here on earth; if there is I would die happy!

  8. Annette Ciotola says:

    This is the only place where you can get a variety of Tootsie Pops! They are the best! I absolutely adore the caramel pops!

  9. cal nelson says:

    have you hugged your candy today?

  10. susan says:

    I have serious addiction to sugar free Dubble Bubble gum and have been unable to find a BGA (Bubble Gumers Anonymous) Meeting. The gift certificate would be an important component in supporting my habit so that I am not forced to rob banks or attack old women and children, “stealing candy from the mouths of babies”. Thus, awarding me the $50 credit would not only be a help to me, but would be a preventive measure that would be a community service.

  11. JB Pierce says:

    I truly enjoy the retro candies that you have like the Zagnut and the Bit-O-Honey. I can\’t decide which is my favorite. The customer service can\’t be beat.
    I would like to win the contest because I have a very sweet friend who fell and hit her head and is having some serious trouble with her memory. She is a 4th grade teacher who cares for all her students like they were her own children. She is the most unselfish person I know. She has had to take off from her teaching job for the last 2 weeks and that might have to continue for a while longer according to the specialist. And she is missed more than she\’ll ever know. I would like to send her some of your fresh delicios candy as a GET WELL gift.

  12. Amy Merriam says:

    I should win the free candy because I am a 54 year old, disabled, single mom and I am in the middle of selling my house, finding a new one, and moving!! I am packing HALF of my stuff so I can show the house but have to decide WHICH half……as I am packing! “Will I need this in the next 2 to 6 months?”; “Will I need this….. EVER??”; “Will the house sell before the money runs out??”; “Will I be able to find one that I can afford on the equity from THIS one???” !! Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!! There are half-empty boxes everywhere!!! And half-full trash bags!! And dust!!! I NEEEEEED chocolate!! And $50 worth of FREE chocolate candy might just get me through this mess!!!! Oh, PLEASE pick me!!!!

  13. Elizabeth M says:

    My son Benjamin is thirteen years old and as sweet as they come. We are celebrating his Bar Mitzvah on March 17 with a giant party for relatives and friends. Everyone is coming from far and near to celebrate his accomplishments and the sweetness of family and tradition. We’ve already ordered a bunch of chocolates from but the more the merrier. Help us celebrate a sweet occasion!

  14. shelley thompson says:

    I like to share with my family and with lots of nieces and nephews, I would be the coolest aunt ever!!!_

  15. Luly Cali says:

    Dr. N. has treated my niece, ( a cancer survivor) and my 90 yr. old mother in law for free!! since they have no insurance, he LOVES the brachs cinnamon disk candy, which i have bought for him before to say “thank you” for being so generous with them. they are hard to find in stores…. i would buy him a lifetime supply….hahaha of the hard candy he is so fond of, he eats 6 of them a day.. has them all over his office. to offer the patients too. that is why it would be SWEET to win this.

  16. DAVE PESINO says:


  17. DAVE PESINO says:


  18. Kathleen says:

    I gave up candy for Lent (I know…candy retailers don’t like to hear that!), but I haven’t given up sending candy to our troops overseas. Pick me and I’ll have more to stuff in care packages for them!! After all, it takes a lot of hopping for the Easter Bunny to make it to the Middle East!

  19. kmartin says:

    We have a candy dish in our nurses office that the kids/staff come in and get a piece as needed through out the day. It makes a hard day easier and is accompanied by encouragement or smile from the nurses. We pay for candy ourselves. This prize would pay for a restocking shipment of bulked wrapped hard candy.

  20. kmartin says:

    Pick us please!!

  21. mafer says:

    as sweet as I am!

  22. Mary W says:

    Nothing profound…..Just retired
    I can’t afford to order much anymore.
    I love Candy Favorites ! You even helped with an
    order that was sent to the military. Thanks again!!

  23. Jean Wilkinson says:

    I\’d like for my husband to be the sweetest man on Earth. (As if he isn\’t sweet enough for me already!) He LOVES Brach\’s Mint Coolers any time/all the time.

  24. Don Clemson says:

    My day is complete with a litte sweet. Nothing is better than a bowl of cand on the desk and all your frends stopping by to get a piece and visit for a minute.

  25. Judy Edwards says:

    I have four wonderful grandchildren and they all love chocolate. What better way to send them back home than full of chocolate? LOL If I was to win the gift certificate I would buy something for my grandchildren for St. Patricks Day or Easter. Maybe both!!

  26. Benniesha Scott says:

    I am a nurse and single mother of 4 beautiful children ages 11, 9, 13months and 6 weeks. At my job the nurses bring candy and place it in a large bowl at our nurses statiuon, where we all grab a few pieces just as a quck pick me up when we are running on the floor. Since I have recently given birth to a newborn, making my total number of children…a whopping 4!! I wiill soon be returning to work and I would love to spread the sweets around to my 2 older children for helping mommy out with the babies and also be able to fill the candy bowl at least a few times at work to my fellow nurses

  27. Leah Pinnick says:

    We have two candy dishes here at the funeral home. One is filled with Cinnamon Disks and the other is with Peppermint Candies. I also keep candy for the children in the office and take them in and give them candy. While they are eating the candy, we have a little time in which we talk about losing their “grandma, grandpa, or whomever.” Then when they leave, we send a little more with them. This way they get a little sweet to help them through a hard time. Thanks for making it easy to order more when we need it!

  28. Linda Vigil says:

    Candy reminds me of my Dad who passed away four years ago. He always had a sweet tooth and had certain kids of candy he loved. Idaho Spud candy bars, was one of his favorites. They are very hard to find, and I think of him whenever I see them. I personally love French Burnt Peanuts and am unable to find them in my area. I also supply the office with a candy dish full of assorted candy bars. My coworkers come in for one and it puts a smile on their face when they are having a bad day.

  29. Barrie Martin says:

    My grandkids are so sweet and always expect grandma to have some treats for them. We would have so much fun shopping for the perfect candies from!!!!

  30. Cheryl Greenleaf says:

    My eighty year old Dad is in love with Root Beer Barrels and I can only get them through your website. With the economy the way it has been for the last couple of years we haven’t been able to get any for him. This entry is for my Dad.

  31. Adrian Guerra says:

    the dentist loves you all…

  32. Ken Davis says:

    I should win it because I love candy. All candy and when I eat certain ones it reminds me of my childhood. Good to return to those days. Thanks for providing such a wonderful food.

  33. SANDY says:

    I love candy, and love the vintage candy- quality candy. We make goodie boxes for the troops and would love to have some help funding the fill. Yes candy puts smiles on young and old, and love when I can send candy to them to enoy and share- and the guys and gals over there share it with the kids.

  34. Warren Woeste says:

    Hi I would like to win the $50 worth of free candy! I found your Co. about a year and a half ago. I suffer from spine damage witch happened in 2009. Thanks to a great neurologist I am now able to walk. The medicine I am prescribed causes extreme dry mouth ( the products on the market were not strong enough to cure my dry mouth) but Zots are. After I discovered this I looked on line to find a bulk supply and I found your company. I have been fighting for disability for over two years and after spending most of my life savings I am now having to claim bankruptcy (do to medical debt) and can not afford to buy zots at this time. I am hopping if I win it will get me threw until I get approved. Thank You for your time.

  35. Melissa says:

    I spend several days a week working in a classroom for 8-year-olds with Autism, intellectual disabilities, or pervasive developmental disorders. These beautiful children have tremendous difficulties learning, relating to others, and understanding the world around them. So, finding ways to communicate meaning and teach skills can be challenging, and we are always looking for ways to engage and motivate them. One of the best ways to do so is to provide a very salient reward immediately upon completion of a challenging task: Candy! We reward their every move. Write the letter “A”? Award! Say “good morning”? Award! Make eye-contact? Award! Needless to say, we go through a LOT of candies. Pez and smarites are favorites, as a little bit can go a long way – but our kids also LOVE dum-dums, bubble gum, and crabby-patties. Our candy supply can cost a lot throughout the year – but the value of watching a child learn to communicate with and understand the world around them? Priceless.

  36. Sharon Brown says:

    I knew my 90 yr. old mother loved candy but didn’t know how much until I was looking for some paper to write on. Every other drawer on her desk had candy in it. I had ordered some Reese’s cups from you last year for her and she still had some of them stashed away. She had even put some in the freezer for later. She is now running low on her stash and I would like to replenish it for her.

  37. HolleyV says:

    I would love to win the candy and use it at my church’s ladies retreat coming up in April. I love how you have the good ol’ vintage candies and you organize by color, type, decade, theme, etc. Makes it so easy to find! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  38. Debra Sears says:

    I’m involved with a duplicate bridge (cards) center. We run 5 games a week and in the winter have between 100 and 200 people playing cards. Our folks including me would absolutely love a sweet treet. It would be my privilege to share my sweet win with al of the sweet folks!

  39. Darcy B says:

    When I was 10, I had my first taste of freedom–on Saturdays I was allowed to walk to the library all by myself. I loved it, but soon the thrill of looking at National Geographic, and Mad magazine wore off and I started venturing into the businesses around the library. One day I hit the jack pot when I found our local save-on. To my amazement I found an entire isle of candy! I would spend my afternoons admiring the abazabas, necco wafers, marathon bars, etc. I soon stopped spending my lunch money on lunch–I would save it all week long to splurge on candy on Saturdays. I discovered Pop Rocks, Pacers, Starbursts, Snickers, and Big Hunks.

    One Day after Valentine’s Day my heart skipped a beat when I discovered a basket full of candy 50% off!!! I stocked up on conversation hearts, cinnamon hearts, cherry gummy hearts and of course chocolates. I walked around with a big smile on my face for weeks basking in my good fortune. I learned from my good fortune and soon began saving for the after Easter bonanza that I had imagined.

    The first Saturday after Easter I got up early, concerned that almost a week had gone by–I feared there would be no sale candy left. When I arrived I was overjoyed I found 3 baskets and to my amazement they were now 75% off!!! I bought robins eggs(my favorite), spiced jelly beans, regular jelly beans, marshmallow bunnies, peeps, chocolate bunnies. I actually bought more than I could carry–I barely mad it back to the library, where I had to call my Dad for a ride home-of course I had brought an extra back pack to hide my stash.

    I spent all day that Sunday hiding my stash I taped bags under each of my dresser drawers, I had bags taped to the bottom of my night stand and shoved into a whole I had found in my mattress. When I wasn’t eating my candy I was dreaming about it–I was so happy about my good fortune.

    Two weeks after Easter my class went on a week long trip to Washing ton D.C. to help celebrate the Centennial. I was a star–I kept my entire class fed with Easter candy. I didn’t mind sharing because I new I still had bags and bags waiting for me at home. When I returned I stood in the doorway to my room in sheer horror. While I was away my Mother redecorated my room. Every piece of furniture was replaced –while I should have been thrilled at my gorgeous new room–I lived in terror. For weeks every time my Mom called my name shivers ran down my spine–was this it–was she finally going to confront me?

    My Mother never said a word. I of course lived in terror contemplating was this a test–was she giving me the chance to come clean and confess? Where and how must she have imagined –did I get all that candy? To this day I can’t imagine what happened—it wouldn’t be possible to remove the furniture and not find my stash–it was all taped to the underside of things. When you picked it up to carry it out you would discover bags of candy taped to the bottom—dozens of bags!!! A good 25 years later I asked my Mother–and she insisted she didn’t remember finding any candy.

    I should win—because you could help replace my lost candy treasure from long ago!

  40. Melanie says:

    If I were to win the $50 I would use it to send my mom and dad’s favorite candy to them. Dad’s favorite candy is very hard to find, but CandyFavorites always has it in stock. Dad loves the Coconut Crunch Peanut Butter Logs. We used to be able to buy them at flea markets. Mom and Dad live in Missouri now and I still live in Florida. I spent a few weekends a couple of years ago visiting the many flea markets around to find dad’s favorite candy and had no luck. So I went on line and low and behold I find dad’s favorite candy at So now I send him some for special occasions, like his birthday (4th of July) or Easter or just to let him know I love him. Mom loves the Haribo Gummi Bears. These can be bought in stores, but she doesn’t treat herself often. It is so wonderful to send a little love across the miles with CandyFavorites help. Did I mention my mom and dad are so special to me because I was Blessed with a second set of parents almost 28 years ago? When I needed to feel loved and a part of a family, mom and dad took me in and have always treated me like I am truly one of their own. I would love to let them know how much I love them and how truly grateful I am for all these years of unconditional love. Dad’s birthday will be here before we know it, but it would be awesome to be able to send the treats early by winning this contest from a company that has the best candy favorites to choose from. Thanks CandyFavorites for helping me over the past few years brighten my parents day with a special gift of their absolute candy favorites! You Rock!!!

  41. TOM GALLO says:


  42. William R says:

    There are three reasons why I should receive the free $50 cert. (I won’t speak about the love of candy because who doesn’t?). The first is my daughter is getting married and is planning to do a candy table at the reception. Obviously if we are picking items off your site because we had a free $50 certificate we would purchase the rest of the candy since we are already there.
    Secondly being part of a large church I would certainly be recommending Candy Favorites.
    Lastly I love Candy Favorites and would like to be enticed to purchase lots of candy from you and not someone else.

  43. Andrea Robichaud says:

    Why should I win FREE candy? I work with high schoolers that have learning issues. We use candy as rewards for particpating in class. It works wonders! Even the sleepy kids stay awake :-) and really enjoy playing the class games!

  44. Carol says:

    I am a French teacher and Candy Favorites has great treats like the candy I used to buy in France as a child! My students are addicted to your bonbons! As a public school teacher, I can not afford a lot of sweets so they are doled out sparingly! Most of my students have become addicted. Some past graduates will even come by and visit and ask for a bonbon! I have given your website to numerous students and you have gained many a new customer. If I were to win the $50, my students would be very, very pleased! The more bonbons I give out, the more potential customers for you! Merci !

  45. Donal Peterson says:

    I am a 75 year old candy coniseur that needs nightly candy consumtion. To go to bed without having sweetened my system with a good dose of candy or licorice would be a sin.

  46. Carol says:

    I am a French teacher and Candy Favorites has great treats like the candy I used to buy in France as a child! My students are addicted to your bonbons! As a public school teacher, I can not afford a lot of sweets so they are doled out sparingly! Most of my students have become addicted. Some past graduates will even come by and visit and ask for a bonbon! I have given your website to numerous students and you have gained many a new customer. If I were to win the $50, my students would be very, very pleased! The more bonbons I give out, the more potential customers for you! Please, please, please pick me! Merci !

  47. Carolyn Estes says:

    I think I should win the free candy because I’m 78 years old. So is my wonderful husband who is addicted to candy and I can’t give him enough of it. I’m very sweet, but that doesn’t count. Thanks for your consideration.

  48. Donal Peterson says:

    I deserve to win free candy I am a 75 year old candy coniseur and retired school bus driver that needs nightly candy consumtion. I have probably passed out more than 100 punds of candy to kids on my bus. I have made several dentists very happy over the years. To go to bed without having sweetened my system with a good dose of candy or licorice would be a sin.

  49. Celia Forrest says:

    My son’s birthday is March 3rd and he loves candy! I would love for him to have a candy shopping spree to celebrate his birthday. He would be so excited! I’m sure he’d be a lifelong customer after that.

  50. Maria Mig says:

    Best Candy Ever! We recommend Candy Favorites as we use them with all our candy buffets!

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