We sold Retro Candy before it was considered RETRO….

Thursday, June 25th, 2009 by Jon
National Candy Wholesalers Association Ad Circa 1950

National Candy Wholesalers Association Ad Circa 1950

Few people know that CandyFavorites.com is backed by McKeesport Candy Co. who is one of the oldest candy wholesalers in North America!

Founded in 1927, the company originally specialized in selling candy to small “mom and pop” stores throughout Western Pennsylvania and now is one of the largest retailers of candy in the United States…and beyond!

Our founder (and my grandfather), Ernest Prince was a visionary and was one of the first Presidents of National Candy Wholesalers Association and my father was one of the first to offer “pick and mix” bulk candy in a retail setting.

Our first website was launched in 1997 and although it wasn’t focused on online commerce, it was the first candy related website launched by an independent candy wholesaler!

Ironically, many web store tout themselves as being Bulk and Retro Candy Specialists, but we were selling these products before they were consider retro!

We were one of the first to offer Bulk Candy and the first brand featured was Brachs Candy. Eighty (80) years later, this brand remains near and dear to our heart despite over 500 bulk products that we offer!

As per retro candies, what other online candy store can boast that Clark Bars were invented in their home town (actually, the company was established in the suburb of McKeesport, PA where our warehouse is located) or that they were one of the first candy companies in the nation to offer Pop Rocks?

Many claim to be retro candy experts but few have the longevity to back their claims.

With the advent of the Internet and the host of new products, we remain committed to our core vision which is to provide tried and true candies along with the best customer service in the online candy industry….

We would love to hear your memories of candy favorites, old and new, as those alone are what allow everyday candies to fall into the fabled retro category…

- Jon H.Prince

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  1. here you go says:

    This was the first wholesaler on the Internet from what I believe


    even though the archive does not show it…

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