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Brachs Candy Memories can earn you a SweetCertificate!

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 by Jon
Do you remember when Bulk Candy was $.49

Do you remember when Bulk Candy was $.49

I have always been a fan on innovation and few companies have captured my imagination more than Brach’s Candy. 

It is not that this company is the most innovative in terms of their current offerings but they surely have shaped the way candy is consumed and marketed.

In 1904, Emil Brach immigrated to United States and opened his first candy store in the Windy City of Chicago. The first product offered was Caramels, known today as Milk Maid Caramel Squares,  and Mr. Brach was the first to use mass production to create  candy combining high quality and a low price.

While the latter might not be the case today, one would be hard pressed to find a better manufacturer of butterscotch disks, candy corn or ice blue mint coolers to name but a few of their better known products.

While the candy speak for itself, few realize that Brach’s was the first to introduce the concept of purchasing candy en masse which lead to the creation of the bulk candy industry which now is taken for granted.

Many companies claim to have offered the first “penny candy” but it was Brach’s that created the infrastructure allowing for self service and different varieties of loose candy.

 The concept was called “Pick and Mix” and combined “old school” displays such as barrels, jars and scoops, a precursor to what is now found in Supermarkets around the globe!

McKeesport Candy Co. was one of the first candy wholesalers in the nation to offer bulk candy and we were one of the first distributors of Brach’s dating back to our first purchase in the 1930’s. 

Candy manufacturers have come and gone and Brach’s has changed corporate ownership quite a few times in it’s one hundred and five (105) year history but few companies have such a loyal following nor such a sweet history.

Please share with us your favorite memory of Brach’s Candy and, if chosen, we will send you a $10 Sweet Certificate which you can apply to any order on