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National Lollipop Day is July 20th!

Thursday, July 14th, 2011 by Jon
National Lollipop Day is July 20th!

National Lollipop Day is July 20th!


The 4th of July, President’s Day and Labor Day fills the calendar and provides an extra day off for most workers but for sheer fun and entertainment, the favorite has to be National Lollipop Day which occurs yearly on the 20th of July.

 Why not have a Lollipop Party and treat all the kids to their choice of cool and fun lollipops. Start them out with Charms Blow Pops in the amazing Black Cherry flavor then introduce them to the sweet treat of heart shaped lollipops. Provide goody bags filled with nothing but lollipops, including the Gourmet Lollipops that we offer year round!  Ice cream may be popular for summer parties, but for National Lollipop Day, why not choose the Ice Cream Sundae lollipops.

 Surprise the little fellows in your life with Ford F-150 truck lollipops and little girls can take playing house to a whole new level with Glo Popcifier lollipops while NBL fans can enjoy baseball motif lollipops. Sports fans of all ages will get a kick out of the Sports Glo Popcifiers.

 Business owners can take full advantage of this annual Lollipop day to have some fun and spread some cheer. Cupcake lollipops are the perfect giveaway for bakeries while every florist should have some Daisy Pops on hand.

Theater owners can pick up some Dum Dum Shrek Pops to celebrate the sweetest of all holidays. Every Hispanic store or restaurant can delight people by giving away Jalapeno lollipops.

 There is no limit to the creativity that such a day inspires so forget about lemonade stands and celebrate the Lollipop with a lollipop stand!

 Be sure to pick up some Scorpion lollipops for those people in your life who truly appreciate the more interesting things in life and Slithering Snake Suckers are also a great choice for anyone who enjoys reptiles and amphibians.

 Are you going to be in Vegas for the big day? Take along some Sin City Dice lollipops in regular or Pina Colada flavors to delight everyone in your party. It’s true that the 4th of July has already passed, but the flag is popular every day of the year.

If your baby is expected to arrive around the 20th of July, have a few lollipops on hand to mark the occasion and to proudly announce the birth of your girl or boy so you can share the happy news.

However you choose to celebrate National Lollipop Day, why not browse our huge lollipop selection and stock on all your favorites.

Photo Friday: The Beauty of Candy

Friday, April 29th, 2011 by benjamin

Candy sure can be pretty! When I was a kid I always wanted to get one of these giant lollipops. It seemed like it might last me all week, and possibly into the next.

What I like about this photo most, other than it shows someone obviously enjoying candy, is the composition. The photographer uses the rule of thirds, placing the subject off-center. In addition, the subject is looking into the empty two thirds of the photo. The angle of her body creates some diagonal lines, which go counter to the lines created by the direction of her eyes. This all works together to create a sense of motion, even in what is effectively a still life. Finally, the darkness of the photo really makes the candy colors pop.

Submit your photos to the Candy Favorites Flickr Group and you might see them featured here!

056/365 *25,02 Ще се повтаряме

Photo by Sofi Kaleva.

The Elusive Caramel Tootsie Roll Pop

Monday, January 10th, 2011 by Jon


Sharability: 1

Denture Danger: 9

Convenience: 10

Novelty: 9

Overall: 10

I predict that this Limited Edition Caramel Tootsie Roll Pop won’t be limited for long. The caramel flavor is perfect for the Tootsie Roll Pop and I am just wondering what took them so long to create this flavor.In my humble opinion the caramel flavor is the tastiest flavor of all Tootsie Roll Pops.

I noticed that I don’t usually look at the Tootsie Roll Pop wrapper. Since I was treating this as a new candy I took a gander at the wrapper and there is a lot going on there.

Pictures of little kids playing with balls, swimming, playing tennis and marbles, driving cars, riding bikes and skateboards, if I didn’t know better I’d think that it was the wrapper of some sort of power bar for kids.

I guess the same kinds of kids that like to be active and play sports are the kinds of kids that like Tootsie Roll Pops.

The Mystery Candy: Tootsie Roll Pops

Friday, July 16th, 2010 by Jon
A vintage Tootsie Roll pops advertisement

A rare vintage Tootsie Pop advertisement that includes the catch phrase, "your eyes may play tricks...but not your taste..." Introduced in 1931, Tootsie Pops have become one of the best selling lollipops of all times!"

Sharability: 0/10  (Depends if you have one for yourself or a bag to share)

Denture Danger: 9

Convenience: 10

Novelty: 10

Overall: 10

  “How many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie roll pop?” The owl from the 1970s commercial’s famous words had kids asking all over America. The answer the owl gave was a “Let’s find out. A one, a two, a three, crunch. Three.”

 The real answer is however many you are willing to take; it could be one it could be one thousand. But counting how many licks it takes to get to the center takes away from the experience of eating this classic and delicious lollipop.

Get your tootsie roll pop in grape, cherry, orange, chocolate, blue raspberry, watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate, and a new banana flavor all with the soft chewy chocolate tootsie roll center.

 Another big mystery with the Tootsie Roll Pop is the Indian on the wrapper. This myth has stood strong over many years. Many Tootsie Roll Pop wrappers have a picture of an Indian shooting a bow an arrow at a star.

The myth stands that if you send a certain amount of these Indian marked wrappers back to the company then you will receive some sort of prize. Beginning in 1982 the Tootsie Roll company came up with a response to all of the wrappers they were receiving, a short fiction story called “The Legend of the Indian Wrapper.”

 It told a story of a man who lived long, long ago when all lollipops were made alike. He wanted to make a lollipop with something special inside, but this is where he was stumped. One day the man awoke to find a grand Indian chief smiling at him.

The chief told the man that he would help him make a lollipop with a chewy candy center, but only if the man promised that he would never, ever, stop making them for people. The man promised. The Indian on the wrapper is supposedly a sign that the grand chief has personally checked that particular lollipop for the chewy candy center.

 One thing I can tell you is that, Indian on the wrapper or not, every Tootsie Pop I have every sunk my teeth into has had the chocolaty chewy tootsie roll center and has thus been delicious.


Get Your Extra Energy Boost from McJak Caffeinated Suckas

Monday, June 28th, 2010 by Jon
If you are looking for a boost, why not try a new treat called McJak Caffeinated Suckas!

If you are looking for a boost, why not try a new treat called McJak Caffeinated Suckas!

Sharability: 0

Denture Danger: 0 (Unless you try to chew this dense ball of candy)

Convenience: 9

Novelty: 9

Overall: 8

Sometimes you are looking for a caffeine energy boost but don’t want the coffee breath or don’t want to spend the six dollars for a cup of coffee. When this situation presents itself, the Caffeinated Suckas from the McJak Candy Company are a perfect substitute.

This large ball of candy sits on the end of a heavy-duty plastic stick and leaves you with the satisfaction of a candy craving and caffeine wake up call. With 60 mg of caffeine this lollipop doesn’t pack the punch to give you the shakes, but does have a significant amount of caffeine that will add a little pep to your step. (As a reference point, a cup of coffee has anywhere between 80 mg and 200 mg of caffeine).

 The Suckas come in four colorful flavors: slammin’ strawbanana, bustin’ berry blast, wicked watermelon and wired wild cherry. These flavors will last a long time, which also makes for a gradual come on of the caffeinated effects.

The sticker label on the plastic packaging of the Sucka looks to be hand drawn and hand stuck on which creates for a less corporate feel. Overall, this Sucka will keep your sweet tooth happy and your eyes open, enjoy!

Go Lollipop Licking Instead of Apple Picking with Tootsie Caramel Apple Orchard Pops

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 by Jon


Why go Apple Picking when you can have a Tootsie Apple Orchard Lollipop in the comfort of your home....

Why go Apple Picking when you can have a Tootsie Apple Orchard Lollipop in the comfort of your home....

Sharability: 0   (Unless you are one of those that like sharing lollipops)

Denture Danger: 10

Convenience: 10

 Novelty: 7

Overall: 9

With Tootsie’s Caramel Apple Orchard Pops you can have the most unique lollipop experience you’ve ever expected. Tootsie executed the idea of putting candy inside the lollipop, but it isn’t as often that you find candy coating the lollipop! With this candy apple pop you can get the sweet and sour caramel apple taste without getting caramel stickiness all over your nose and chin while trying to bite into a huge caramel covered apple.

These aren’t “orchard” pops for nothing, you need to live with a little variety, you have a choice between the mild Red Macintosh, the tangy yellow Golden Delicious, or the classic Green Apple. 

This candy has a great caramel to apple ratio. After you peel off the wrapper from the sticky lollipop, at least a section of the candy “apple” is uncovered which leaves the decision open for you if you want just the caramel taste first or if you want to start it off with the flavor combination. Then the whole lollipop can be enjoyed as the two complementary flavors blend as one as it stretches or gets chewed up into a ball.

The caramel does always seem to be gone before the rest of the candy which leaves you to enjoy the solo apple flavor as you would with a real caramel apple.

The Red Macintosh significantly lacks in the in tangy sweetness compared to the Golden Delicious and the classic Green Apple falls in between the two flavors of tangy sweetness. No matter what flavor you may choose the caramel adds the sweet chewy consistency that is needed to balance out the slightly sour hard candy apple.