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The Cool Kidz taste candies inspired by fruit flavors and shapes

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 by Jon
The Cool Kidz taste gummi raspberries and blackberries and runts....

The Cool Kidz taste gummi raspberries and blackberries and runts....

Fruit appears to love being transformed into candy and this week, we tried soft  gummi raspberries and blackberries and runts

The soft berries came in two flavors: raspberry and blackberry which are soft chewy candies, surrounded by small dots. The first bite is different, as the candies have a weird texture but once you reach the center, the flavor is revealed and the candies taste noticeably better.

The raspberries were very sweet, and did not resemble raspberries at all. Emily enjoyed them, but claims she would not buy them at a supermarket while  Brooke believes, these little gummies are unappealing and do not taste very good.  The blackberries on the other hand were a lot less prevalent in the bag and we both agreed that they were not as good.

At first, they taste the same, but, however, after they have disappeared they taste weird and have a gross after taste. Then we ate the Runts, which Emily points out, “The flavoring is not very strong so you need to eat more than one at a time.” to which Brooke added, “you want to just eat it, but because they are hard candies they take a while to finish.”  Runts come in many flavors: banana, cherry, orange, grape, and apple and while they are delicious in their duration, their aftertaste is not as good.

“I never thought I could have it so good, you were the song that my soul understood” – Joy; Phish

Peace & Love,
The Cool Kids.