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Candy History: Candy Canes

Friday, December 20th, 2013 by Laurnie Wilson

The Origins of the Candy Cane

We’ve probably all heard the story of the German choirmaster who created white, sugary shepherd’s hooks to keep the children quiet during the services. But, there are almost as many candy cane creation stories as there are varieties of candy canes!

What’s certain is that these popular Christmas treats were originally all white. Many have attached a religious connection to them, saying that the white candy cane represented the sinlessness of the life of Jesus. As for the shape, many also claim that it’s meant to look like a shepherd’s hook, to remind children of the shepherds who visited the baby Jesus.

Although they were probably created in 1670 in Germany, it wasn’t until 1844 that a recipe for straight candy sticks was published. And in the mid 1800s, candy canes were hung on Christmas trees for the first time. Back in the day, it was common to hang sweets and baked goods from the festive tree, so the candy canes were a perfect addition!

Candy Stripes

retro-nostalgic-candy-canesChristmas cards from before and after the 1900s reveal that it wasn’t until the turn of the century that candy canes earned their stripes. There’s lots of lore around the stripes as well, with some saying the thickest stripe represents Jesus, while the three smaller stripes represent the Holy Trinity.

Around the turn of the century, peppermint and wintergreen flavors were also added to the sweets, whose flavors could be distinguished by either a red or green stripe, for peppermint or wintergreen, respectively.

In the 1950s, a Catholic priest by the name of Gregory Keller invented an automated candy cane machine, to twist the candies into their popular shape. And since then, there’s been no looking back.

Today, candy canes are arguably the most popular holiday candy with the longest-standing history. And they’re not just peppermint and wintergreen anymore. Check out all of the canes we have to offer. You’re sure to find something for every candy-cane-craving sweet tooth.


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Only 182 days until Christmas….

Friday, June 26th, 2009 by Jon


Do you remember when Candy Canes were 3 cents?

Do you remember when Candy Canes were 3 cents?

I noticed an interesting thing while looking at my calendar this morning


It is the end of June and the weather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is quite nice with warm skies being the norm.   It is hard to think of anything other than outdoor activities and an upcoming summer vacation BUT, believe it or not, almost six (6) months to the day, we will be celebrating Christmas!


The thought of cold weather and snow sends shivers through me but one good thing about the Yuletide season is the selection of Christmas Candies that runs the gamut from fatuous to sublime. 


 I must admit that I consume my fair share of candy canes from September until supplies dwindle and perhaps that is why Peppermint Tootsie Pop Candy Canes, as reviewed earlier this week, remain a personal favorite.


One interesting twist is that many celebrate “Christmas in July.”  After a little research; I learned that this is due to the Southern Hemisphere having colder weather.  The Wikipedia link explains it, and almost everything else, in great detail.


With the countdown beginning, why not bring this tradition to your spot on the Western Hemisphere?   Although our selection of Christmas Candy is at its peak in September, we keep classics in stock year round!


Oh, Santa is just starting to renew his list on who has been “naughty or nice”  so why not try to share your favorite sweets with love ones …


PS: The photo above brought back memories as it was featured in one of retail stores in the 70’s when you could actually purchase a large candy cane for 3 cents.   As Bob Dylan so aptly said, “times they are a changin’”