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  1. Chris*
    August 10, 2009

    I absolutely LOVE the \"Gonzo Sour Neon Worms\", but they recently changed the receipe. The old ones have 2 colors, but they are separated into 4 sections. (Like red and yellow–the color changes twice.) The new ones are only divided in HALF–half is red and the other half is yellow– and they LOST the taste. They taste awful compared to the old ones. I tried to find the company, but they are made in CHINA. (Imagine that!!) They are distributed thru some company in NY. I want to get hold of whoever makes them and BEG them to keep the old kind!! Does anyone know HOW I can do that?? Any info would be appreciated!! I\’m
    \"HOOKED\" on the darn things!! My mouth waters just thinking about them!!

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