Mars Bars: A Delicious Controversy

Monday, February 19th, 2007 by benjamin

original mars bars

Never have I associated so much pop trivia with a candy bar! Mars Bar is not only known for its scrumptious caramel, nougat, and almond all doused in milk chocolate, but it is also dipped in some delicious myths, legends, and controversy.

1960s: One popular myth that never died throughout the decades tells us that while raiding one particular Rolling Stones party the police found the legendary Mick Jagger eating a Mars Bars strategically between the legs of Marianne Faithfull. Of course, she denies it to this day. Even if it wasn’t true, that is certainly one way I’ve never considered eating a Mars Bar.

December 2003: Friends or foe, the Mars Bar appeals to all. Our United States military captured Saddam Hussein with a stash of Mars Bars within arms reach during Operation Red Dawn.

July 2005: The parent company of Mars Bars recalled their shipment in Australia due to an extortion attempt against Sydney’s Star City Casino. The extortionist claimed to have poisoned several Mars bars at random, so the company recalled the product in New South Wales. This just goes to show that such a sinfully delicious chocolate bar has its negative aspects too.

And the list goes on. It’s a shame that this delectable gem is no longer sold. However, the parent company does sell a line of Snickers that acts as the official replacement of the Mars Bar. So the next time you take a break from these dreary winter days and take a bite out of the Snickers Almond Mars Bar, just think – you’re a part of chocolate history.

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  1. Blush says:

    Actually, it is still sold, just not in the US. Only American Mars bars ever had almonds in them. The rest of the world has Mars bars without almonds, similar to an American Milky Way bar. See Cybele’s candy blog for more details, or Wikipedia.

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