GA GA GOO GOO Clusters

Friday, June 3rd, 2005 by Jon

We just got our latest shipment of Goo Goo Clusters and the discussion arose as to where this candy got it’s name.

We went to Standard Candy’s website and this is the story…

According to the manufacturer:

Mr. Howell Campbell ( the inventor of GooGoo Clusters) used to ride a streetcar to work.
Soon after he developed his delicious new confection, word spread quickly about this uniquely round shaped treat. People didn’t know how to ask for or what to call it.

Mr.Campbell was extremely excited that his newest concoction was the talk of the town but even he himself was baffled as to what to call his newest creation.

One day Mr.Campbell was announcing to fellow passengers on the streetcar his newborn son’s first words and a schoolteacher made the connection wit the candy. She suggested he name his treat, GooGoo. It is so good that people will ask for it from birth!

To take a look at the Original Goo Goo Cluster ( it actually comes in three varities), please click here


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    it’s very good!

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