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Saturday, July 22nd, 2006 by benjamin

Princeton, New Jersey and McKeesport, PA — Fall 2006 Financial Crunch chocolate today announced that it is available at continuing the tremendous retailer and consumer reception to its recent launch.

The brick and mortar headquarters for is McKeesport Candy Co., founded in 1927 and located in McKeesport, PA. One of the oldest candy wholesalers in the nation, offers over 2,800 varieties of candy.

Financial Crunch is a delicious gourmet chocolate packaged in an elegant green and gold octagonal tin filled with a “banker’s dozen” — 11 pieces of coin shaped, milk chocolate crunch. Adding to the fun, each .5 oz. piece has a tax bite out of it!

Jon H. Prince, President of, commented, “It is a pleasure to offer a product that is both creative, unique and great tasting to boot. It’s the next generation of retro candy favorites such as chocolate gold coins!”

Why does Financial Crunch contain 11 pieces? Just as 13 is a baker’s dozen, Financial Crunch has coined 11 a banker’s dozen. Financial Crunch is the perfect gift for anyone who has it all – or doesn’t.

Financial Crunch has an SRP of $20.00. It is also available by the case, which contains 12 units. In less than a year and by word of mouth only, Financial Crunch has secured distribution from coast to coast.

Americans are calling on Financial Crunch chocolate to sweeten with humor the endless waves of financial crunches such as college tuitions, school supply purchases and gasoline expenses for themselves and their friends.

To date, Financial Crunch has attracted gourmet and high-end retailers as well as industries such as commercial and investment banks, law practices, accounting firms, hotels, museums and educational institutions


The financial crunch concept was created twenty years ago when college student, Nalen was lacking credit at home, school, and the bank. Realizing that she was, in fact, in a real “Financial Crunch”, Sweet Assets was born. While meeting with great success, the three partners had other career aspirations — the company and concept began a 20-year hiatus.

Nalen began co-hosting the Discovery Channel’s top rated home improvement show “Easy Does It” as well as appearing in numerous TV commercials and Soap Operas.

In 2004, Nalen contacted and bought out her former partners. Sweet Assets was then incorporated in 2004 with the first Financial Crunch chocolate produced in 2005. Financial Crunch is manufactured in Philadelphia. For more information, please email or call 609.577.3502 or contact Jon H. Prince at, 1-888-525-7577.


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