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Go (Swedish) Fish!

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007 by benjamin

Swedish Fish Red

Valentine’s Day penny cards were an important part of my childhood, as were Swedish Fish. In the multicolored packs, I used to pick out only the red ones and throw out the other colors. Even as I grew out of playing with Barbies and driving plastic wheels and grew into driving real cars and taking college classes, my love for the chewy red fish didn’t wallow or wane. In fact, when I’m studying for an exam, I need such snacks like Swedish Fish within arm’s reach to get through the night. There’s no better distraction than the little red scraps stuck in the darkest corners of my mouth. Something about maneuvering my tongue to free those little bits is much more fun than trying to memorize a textbook.

Thank goodness this is one candy the big corporate man didn’t “modernize” to an unrecognizable and unwanted entity. So what are you waiting for? Go fishing!

Candy Heaven: My Trip to the Warehouse

Thursday, January 19th, 2006 by Jon Prince

Yes candy lovers, that’s right! I got to visit the warehouse where all the wonderful candy is received, stored, packaged, and then sent out into the world. It all started Monday morning. Since I didn’t have any classes to attend, it was a good day to go. When I first walked in, I met all of the very lovely women who work there answering phones and putting data into the computers. Then we went into the first room. On the right were tables filled with packages ready to be sent out. To the left was the first of many larges rooms filled to the brim with candy. It was like walking into my favorite dream. Candy all around me! M&M’s, gummy worms, Reese’s, and boxes of every candy imaginable surrounded me!

Next I went to the basement where there were boxes of Jelly Beans on every shelf! It was incredible. There were enough Jelly Beans to last a lifetime, and then some! Next we went to the next warehouse just a few steps down the street. Again I was greeted by the sight of thousands of boxes of candy! There was just so much of it! At this point I was given a box to fill with any candy I wanted. Talk about the best dream EVER! I picked out some favorites, as well as some things I have never tried. So in the coming weeks I will of course be reviewing a ton of candy. I’ve already eaten my way through a bag of Hershey Kisses, which I don’t think I need to review. So I’m still deciding what to tackle next, but as soon as I know, you’ll know. So all in all it was probably one of the greatest days ever. You can’t ask for much more than being surrounded by candy!

Until next time, this is Kandy K……stay sweet!!