Another Candy Case Giveaway!

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 by Jessica Prokop

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Treasure chest-original

A few months ago, we gave away a briefcase packed with candy.

Now there’s another one up for grabs!

We already know it holds almost 400 pieces of candy, so we’ll be doing this a little differently. This time, we’ll just draw a name from our mailing list. All you have to do for a chance to win is be on the list. If you’re already on the list, you’re already in the running. If not, sign up!

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It’s only the awesomest of awesome! We’ll draw a winner on Friday, February 28th!

*No purchase necessary to enter or win. Winners will be notified via the email address used to sign up for our mailing list. If no reply is received within 48 hours, another name will be drawn. This will be repeated until the prize has been claimed.

204 Responses to “Another Candy Case Giveaway!”

  1. Ann Marie Donnellon says:

    309 candies

  2. Pat Kraus says:

    800 candies are in the chest

  3. Denise Thorhill says:

    389 pieces of candy

  4. Ed Skinner says:

    897 pieces of candy in the case!

  5. Denise Thorhill says:

    412 pieces of candy

  6. Carolina says:

    My guess is 325.

  7. Larry Zgoda says:

    1108 candies

  8. Tammy Mercer says:


  9. Laura Lowe says:


  10. JoJo Verga says:


  11. Ginger Riegel says:


  12. JoAnne H. says:

    There are 246 candies in the case.

  13. Liane V. says:


  14. Kayla S. says:


  15. Lynette Cruz says:

    I believe there about 250 pieces

  16. Chris Jalove says:


  17. Jean Rowan says:


  18. James Ross says:

    There are 276 candies in the case

  19. Dee Sanderson says:


  20. Dee Sanderson says:


  21. Cynthia Garcia says:


  22. John C McCann says:

    There are 162 candies in the case.

  23. Miriam Brown says:


  24. Miriam Brown says:


  25. Lynn W. says:

    My guess… “219″ pieces of yummy candy :-)

  26. Lynn W. says:

    Maybe, 246 pieces.

  27. Maryellen Blanton says:


  28. Edward Berlese says:


  29. Anne S. says:

    Hmm would help to know the size of the case
    but I will guess 548

  30. Gary E. says:

    My guess is 273 pieces.

  31. Gary E. says:

    My guess is 274 pieces.

  32. Gary E. says:

    My guess is 276 pieces.

  33. Kate Daly says:


  34. Kate Daly says:

    278 yummy candies

  35. Litza says:

    I believe there are 301 pieces of candy in there.

  36. wayne kenworthy says:

    there are 387 candies in the case

  37. Thomas Compall says:

    There are 278 pieces of candy

  38. Crista Ellis says: