Becca’s Brilliant Candy Blogs, Round 2: Begin

Monday, July 21st, 2014 by Becca Droz

The world of candy blogging has called me back. Maybe it is the expanded appreciation I have now for sweets; working in wilderness therapy, a treat of sugar at night, when all the students are zipped into their sleeping bags, brings a moment of absolute solitude and bliss. Nothing can interrupt the sweet serenity of a well-earned bit of melting chocolate on the tongue. Maybe I am back because it would be selfish and rude to pass up the candy blogging opportunity that every child dreams of… The reasoning is less important than the result, which is that Becca is back, which means the creative blogs that you’ve been waiting to see more of are back too!

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One Response to “Becca’s Brilliant Candy Blogs, Round 2: Begin”

  1. ED says:

    Please bring back the whitchamalcallits that were with peanut butter PLEASE, then u can still sell the ones with the Carmel too. My favorite candy bar by far ,besides the marathon -Carmel and chocolate twisted like a brade candy bar. Omg I pray one day they will bring these awesome candy bars back.

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